Check out this one-man indie, Bushfire Rescue Tactics

Posted on January 10, 2020

A Sydney-based developer is creating cute pixel-based tactical game where you lead a firefighting team of native Australian wildlife. Its purpose is of course to raise awareness for the bushfires that continue to burn across the country, but also for the many native species in peril. Though it’s not confirmed if it’s the final name, its lone developer, who goes by Impbox, is calling the game Bushfire Rescue Tactics.

They say that the game is inspired by games like Advance Wars and Into the Breach. Each adorable little pixel animal will have its own abilities to help quell the fires: such as the Koala, which can eat through trees and the Kookaburra, who can carry people to safety.

It looks to be a very small scale game, but in the tiny amount of time Impbox has whipped this up in, it’s impressive all the same. Impbox has created other small games, which can be found on their profile.

Bushfire Rescue Tactics cast of animals is a common destination for indie games such as this one, and Impbox has confirmed that Bushfire Rescue Tactics will be uploaded to the site soon. All proceeds for the game will be going towards WIRES Wildlife Emergency Fund, and anyone who sends them proof of a donation of $10 or more can ‘preorder’ the game. WIRES is based in NSW, but Impbox has said that a donation to an equivalent Wildlife Rescue from other states will do just as well.

From what it looks like, Bushfire Rescue Tactics will include a lot of unit placement and attention to the little things, such as wind direction and embers. Check out Impbox’s Twitter for updates on this adorable game, and check out some of the other efforts to help during the bushfires we’ve seen come out of the video game community here.