Pokémon Direct: Finally time for Pokémon Home & Sleep?

Posted on January 9, 2020

Nintendo is running its first Direct of the new year. Announced via Twitter, the Direct will run from 1:30am AEDT (Yikes!) on Friday January 10. The tweet specifies the Direct will be focused on Pokémon, featuring “20 minutes of new Pokémon information”.

With the latest release Pokémon Sword and Shield launching recently, it’s likely that this Direct will focus on a myriad of updates and add-ons. But what else might get announced? Well, fans are speculating that this Direct may finally offer some explanations of the mysterious Pokémon Home & Pokémon Sleep.

Pokémon Home & Pokémon Sleep were announced way back in May 2019. Pokémon Home was announced as essential an upgraded version of Pokémon Bank. In essence, it will serve as a storage spot for your Pokémon, and was advertised as being able to connect to Pokémon Sword and Shield. It’s definitely prime time for the latest Pokémon to get some extension.

However, the real wild card here is Pokémon Sleep. Pokémon Go managed to get fans out and about and exercising. So the intention of Pokémon Sleep seems to be gamifying healthy sleep patterns. Now that is an interesting idea, but damn if it isn’t just weird and surreal. Most games require hand-eye-coordination and focus. This, seemingly, is a game that just involves being asleep.

Hopefully, this does work. My sleep schedule is pretty garbage, and I feel that it’s a bit of a generational health issue at large. So consider me curious for any potential upcoming details. Maybe it’ll be a great idea. Maybe it will embody the joke of “Nintendo is trying to monetise the biological process of sleep”.

Regardless, there is but a short wait until the Direct reveals all. It all begins 1:30 am AEDT Friday, Jan 10. Check out the livestream on Youtube below and check back Friday for updates right here on Checkpoint.