Blightbound is a stylish new dungeon crawler from Devolver

Posted on May 15, 2020

Blightbound, as stylish and dark co-operative dungeon crawler game from Ronimo Games, the developer of Awesomenauts, has been announced. There certainly was some teasing over the past few days, and now, the game was announced via a live stream reveal.

The Devolver Digital published game will follow a heroic trio battling some Eldritch monsters when it comes to Steam Early Access in later 2020. In the world of Blightbound, a deep fog known as the Blight covered all the land, corrupting and altering all that came in contact with its monstrous mist. As the heroes, expect to team up and fight some abominable foes in your journey down from your previous mountain refuge.

As common with the dungeon crawler genre, Blightbound will also offer both local and online co-operative play. Warriors, Assassins or Mages is the class options players can choose from, and they’ll each have their own techniques and vital role. Warriors have the ability to block damage, while Assassins can interrupt enemies, with mages being the classic healer. Bosses, waves of enemies and loot are as expected, but players too can revive fallen heroes they find on their journey, adding to the warrior roster. Gear is craftable in the game too, allowing building your character and their abilities and attacks in your own way.

Blightbound looks to have a more side-on, 2D approach to the game, rather than an isometric look. Characters pop and stand out from the environments with a gorgeous blend of hand-painted characters and 3D models. Three distinct lands are available to explore in Blightbound. Gravemark, Underhold and Blood Ridge each have several dungeons to explore, filled with their own dark secrets.

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Blightbound is coming to Steam Early Access later this year, and you can find more information here. Blightbound developer Robin Meijer was also on the latest Devolver Digital Forkcast podcast episode if you’re inclined to learn more about them. Are you keen on another bloody and dark dungeon crawler?