Deliveroo offers Board Game delivery to bored Melburnians

Posted May 13, 2020

Finished with the new releases of this year already? Working through your video game backlog just not doing it for you in isolation? Perhaps you should get stuck into some board games instead. If you live in Melbourne in the middle of a Covid-19 world, that option has become all the easier. Food delivery service Deliveroo will now deliver board games to Melbourne locals as well as food, adding some fun to your pizza takeout night.

The new collection, titled ‘Bored? Games’ was made in collaboration with board game store Winning Moves.¬†In it are options such as your typical classic board games Monopoly, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit and Top Trumps. Each of these come with themed options, such as a Rick and Morty-themed Trivial Pursuit or a Game of Thrones-themed Cluedo. Hell, if you’re feeling local you can even get a Melbourne themed Monopoly game.


You can look up the full list of games in the range here. Customers can even score a free non-alcoholic Carlton Zero, if sinking beverages at the same time strike your fancy. Currently, the range is only available for people in the Carlton and Windsor area, but Deliveroo has expressed interest in expanding provided there’s interest.

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