Save the arcade with the furry adorable Button City

Posted on May 29, 2020

Get ready for another adorable cast of characters, all of whom you’re going to want to pick up and squish, because Button City is coming to Steam later this year. It’s an adventure full of narrative, friendship and community where you get to play video games inside a video game. It was revealed as part of the Wholesome Games Direct stream a couple of days ago.

You play as the new kid in town, Fennel Fox as he tries to make friends in this unfamiliar place. You’ll quickly find that new potential friends are everywhere, from the grocery store to the arcade and what better way to make friends then by playing video games! Play arcade cabinets including a drift-racing game and Gobabots, the 4v4 action game that all the coolest kids around are playing. You have to work with Fennel as he learns to find his space in the local Gobabots ESports team, the Fluff Squad.

The arcade dream can’t last forever though, especially not if greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom has anything to say about it. If he gets his way, he’ll tear down the arcade in his heartless pursuit of profit. Regardless of their alliances, everyone in the town must band together to save the arcade or the ESports team will be down for the count. To save the arcade youmust play the arcade, working hard to preserve Gobabots and other playable arcade cabinets including a drift racer and a high-energy rhythm title. That aside, players will also be able to explore the city itself. You can make friends, solve puzzles, and complete other quests that will all help complete the goal of saving the local arcade.

“We wanted the visuals and music to invoke feelings of nostalgia for summer fun at local arcades, where new friends bond over the most popular games but there’s a little bit of something for everyone,” Ryan Woodward, Lead Programmer, Subliminal Gaming. “The hijinks our furry pals get up to in Button City are larger than life, but the story’s heart is really about that sense of community and standing up together as one to protect the things we love.”

Button City

Button City will be available on Steam in English later in 2020. For more information, dont forget to visit the Button City official website, follow @ButtonCity on Twitter, and search for #ButtonCity on social media.