Co-op horror game Monstrum 2 enters closed beta – and you can sign up

Posted on June 19, 2020

Monstrum 2 enters closed beta today, and you can sign up to test the upcoming game right here. The 5-player horror game has four players working together to escape a maze-like sea fortress, while the fifth player is the big scary monster hunting them down. The game is set to release on PC in late 2020. Releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are coming at a later date.

If you’re given the task of escaping from the facility, then you’ve got the scary job. Prisoners need to work together, scavenge items and solve puzzles to win the game. The fortress of Monstrum 2 is procedurally generated with each session, so you’re always encountering a different bevy of obstacles to overcome. When the monster comes near, hide and stay quiet and hope you don’t get spotted. But when you do, use everything your arsenal to survive.

And if you’re the monster, you’ve got some options to choose from. Choose from various different breeds, each with a unique way of tracking humans. Do you want to climb up walls? Maybe smash through walls to make yourselves a path? Do you want to jump long distance? How do you feel about straight up teleporting? You know your friends better than we do; you know the best way to freak them out.

Monstrum 2 screenshot

The sequel to 2015’s Monstrum, Monstrum 2 looks like a spine-chilling way to bond with your pals. In case you missed the link up top, you can sign up to test the closed beta here. Check out their website here. And remember – when you’re playing as the monster, it’s only polite to give your friends a head start before you go to town.