Evolve, adapt and overcome a deathly cylinder in The Eternal Cylinder

Posted on June 15, 2020

Many games have been announced and explored in the Guerilla Collective over the past few days. The Eternal Cylinder, announced day two of the digital conference, is definitely up there in the intriguing category.

It offers a new spin on the survival genre, seeing players control an alien race that must adapt and evolve. Oh, and a gargantuan, otherworldly steamroll-like cylinder is hot in their pursuit, destroying everything in its path. Have fun dealing with that.

In your journeys in the game, you’ll control a herd of adorable alien creatures known as the Trebhums. They come in fun and varying different shapes in sizes. The key art suggests some are cubed shaped while others are just cute and round and squishy. Of course, they all have comical elephant-like trunks. Your job is to explore procedurally generated planets with this cute, bottom of the food chain, group, doing your best to mutate and evolve. These mutations and evolutions are obtained by eating various different plant and wildlife in the game. Then, you’ll be strong enough and powerful enough to overcome any deadly predators and obstacles in your path. Jury’s still out on that terrifying death cylinder though.

I have to say, The Eternal Cylinder offers quite a wondrous art style. It’s as colourful as ever, with flora and fauna looking out of this world. Ungodly creatures fly around near you. Tombs and cave systems that look to have puzzles awaiting you seem to be exciting to step in. It reminds me greatly of Journey to the Savage Planet. Hell, there’s even a giant flora object that’s meat looks like an avocado without the core. I’m for that.

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If that isn’t enough to entice you, it looks like there’ll be some boss fights in-game. Just take a look at the monstrosity that is that mannequin body with a terrifying prism head. Nightmare fuel!

The Eternal Cylinder comes out Summer 2020 (Winter for us Aussies, so real soon!). It’s being developed by ACE Team and published by Good Shepard Entertainment. Players can sign up for the PC beta now, here.