MapleStory has a new class and boatload of new content coming

Posted on June 4, 2020

Just after it’s fifteenth anniversary, beloved MMORPG MapleStory has a new major content update coming very soon. Rise: Promise of the Guardian is the name of the update and with it comes a new class by the name of Adele (not the singer), a new region, events and more. For current players or those looking to return since being in isolation, it may be well worth looking into.

Starting June 10th, players can jump into the fresh update and with it, can participate in a number of events. The popular Tera Burning event will return, helping players build-up and level new characters in a quick amount of time. Also on offer is more specific events and the likes for the update, which according to an issued press release, includes the following:

  • Rise Salon: The first stop on the journey, players level 101 and beyond can pop in after
    completing the ‘[Rise] Invitation to the Rise Salon’ quest through the event notifier.
  • Rise Fountain: Granting wishes to visitors, the Rise Fountain is an area where players
    can come to put their Rise Coins aside, earning themselves varied rewards.
  • Rise Coin Shop: The main shop in the Rise Salon, players will need to find Gilberto in the Rise Salon map to purchase a variety of items using Rise Coins.
  • Rise Royal Shop: For players looking for special items, the Rise Royal Shop is a player’s paradise. Maplers who find and chat with Melissa can purchase a multitude of items here with Rise Coins.
  • Rise Stamp Shop: Diligent players who collect all of the daily Salon Stamps can purchase a plethora of goods from the Rise Stamp Shop, which houses everything useful and convenient.
  • Rise Famous Painting: This painting is said to be the most cherished painting by Daria, the Rise Salon’s host. Players who use the Salon Stamp can acquire a mysterious buff from the painting.



So when can players meet the new class Adele? You’ll have to wait an extra two weeks for her drop on June 24th. She’s been described as “nearly unstoppable,” with wielding of aether swords that are made from pure magic. They can be conjured at her will, striking without even touching her enemies. Powerful!

Last but not least, a new region for MapleStory will be available. Reverse City, an upside-down metropolis will drop on July 8th. It’ll be available for players level 201 and up to plunder. Trippy stuff!



So there you have it. A huge drop of new content for MapleStory fans. Whether you’re still here after all this time, or tempted to return like I, there’ll be no doubt enough here to entice everyone. In the meantime, visit MapleStory’s site for more details.