EPOS introduces ‘out of this world’ headset line for gamers

Posted on July 8, 2020

Denmark-based audio brand EPOS has announced themselves loud and proud with a dramatic new trailer that showcases how much these guys know their sound. Their range, called ‘out of this world gaming’, is being said to offer “deliver powerful, visceral experiences for unsurpassed amounts of in-game immersion and flow”. The rollout of this global campaign will continue into 2020, which may mean some new headset models will be on the horizon.

The trailer is directed by Academy Award-winning Danish director Anders Walter, and plays up the sound design and dramatic lighting. While the trailer quickly gets pretty wild, it certainly gets across the company’s intention to give gamers an experience that’s ‘out of this world’. The team behind the trailer have also released a behind the scenes video that explores this idea more in-depth. At least the man in the trailer certainly seems to be having “a spellbinding experience”. Does the horned demon come in the box, or is that extra?

The headsets themselves look the part, being made of sturdy plastics and comfortable materials. As with all high-end headsets they aren’t going to be cheap, but they offer a wide selection of headsets that range from $150 all the way up to $469. For those who live their lives in headphones though, there’s no price that can be put on true quality and comfort. The range currently listed on their website are ones designed in partnership with Sennheiser, this new venture allows EPOS to strike out on their own. We may see this range expand soon in the future.