Necrobarista, a magical barista 3D visual novel drops next week

Posted on July 16, 2020

Necrobaristathe quite anticipated locally Melbourne made visual novel game finally has a release date, dropping next week! Developer Route 59 took to Twitter in a tweet to announce the exciting news. With the game appearing at expos such as PAX Australia for the past number of years, being slowly refined in development, the tweet is right indeed to say ‘it’s been a long time coming.’

The game has (rightly so) received buzz over the years for a number of reasons. One of the big sellers is its unique setting. Necrobarista is set within a Melbourne cafe that hosts the dead as they spend their last night on Earth. It sports a quite anime inspired art style, focusing on gorgeous scenery and cinematography to aptly paint the picture of this unique, alternate Melbourne world. Oh, and the game is rife with necromancy and other fun supernatural elements.

Yes, the game is also a visual novel. Although, not in the traditional sense. It instead takes place in a 3D world and space, which allows for players to explore between scenes in a first person perspective. This can only allow for great moments for players to just admire the stunning views the game has to offer.

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Fans eager to jump into the world of Necrobarista won’t have to wait long at all. It releases on PC for Steam and GOG on July 22nd, with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports planned for the future. If you played and enjoyed Coffee Talk at all, definitely check this one out. Get brewing and prepare to hang out with some undead!