Outriders broadcast 2 goes beyond the frontier

Posted on July 3, 2020

Outriders is shaping up to be an impressive looking co-op shooter RPG from talented developer People Can Fly, and their new broadcast today revealed some juicy details about the game, including an in-depth look at the campaign, side-quests, companions and travel system, plus several new environments and enemy types. Check it out.

The main campaign of Outriders will take most players 25-30 hours, and two to three times longer if they complete all the side content. That being said, the first stream explained that end-game content is going to be something they focus on, with many many world tiers to conquer for those who want to sink their teeth in. You can travel between different zones in an Outrider truck that’s explained as a sort of “moving RPG village”, which you can upgrade and customise so that it’s unique.

Returning to towns is important to find new side missions, and the stream mentions that characters dialog will evolve based on the events of the story that take place and the choices you make. This will also be where you can find more side quests and gossip about the world before you go out with your squad. The Pyromancer class was also shown off, and honestly looks amazing. I mean, who doesn’t like to burn everything to the ground?

The Pyromancer uses a range of offensive and defensive abilities, specialising in mid-range combat. Standing back and setting enemies on fire seems to be the best course of action, and chaining together abilities was shown off as a great way to regenerate health quickly while keeping your distance. I’m particularly fond of Heatwave, which sends a line of fire out in front of you to attack multiple foes at once and set them alight.

In other exciting news for Outriders, Emmy Award Winner and three-time BAFTA nominee Inon Zur is the musical talent behind the original soundtrack. You might know him from his iconic Fallout 4 main theme, along with Dragon Age: Origins and Prince of Persia. His vast experience and exquisite expertise is sure to bring the world to life in a one of a kind fashion.

“As a composer it’s always extremely exciting to be involved in building new worlds and telling new stories, so I’m thrilled to reveal that I have composed the score for People Can Fly and Square Enix’s epic sci-fi action game Outriders.” said Inon Zur. “It was a lot of fun blending heavy orchestral soundscapes and futuristic musical sound design for this rollercoaster sci-fi adventure and I can’t wait to share the music with you.”

Truly, these deep dives into the game and what to expect are a fantastic way of showing off an upcoming release, and I hope other developers take note, as the anticipation for the next generation is palpable. Another Outriders broadcast is coming up that will dive even deeper into the lore, modding, crafting, the Devastator class and more on what we can expect when the game launches holiday 2020 on current and next gen consoles.