Bugsnax finally gets some gameplay in new trailer

Posted on August 8, 2020

Bugsnax received a brand new gameplay trailer as part of Sony’s recent State of Play event. The cute and quirky game is the newest entry from Young Horses of Octodad fame.

First announced on June 11th, Bugsnax’s new gameplay trailer gives us a gigantic look at just what this game is all about. You’ll play a journalist who comes to Snaktooth Island in search of a story. Instead, You find wild flora, wilder (and weirder) fauna, and a town in ruin. From the previous trailer, we know there is something strange and sinister going down on Snaktooth, with people gaining food limbs, and strange food monsters running amuck. Could this be the breaking news you’re looking for? Either way, It’s up to you to capture all the bugsnax and restore Snaxsburg to its former glory. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you don’t fall off a cliff while doing so.

Gameplay consists of using various traps, including ketchup, to catch bugsnax, and perform various odd jobs for the island residents. In fact, one lady even asks you to find out what her favorite bugsnax is and then feed it to her.

The art direction is one I can not praise enough. From the muppet style villagers to little food critters with googly eyes, all set against a colourful and vibrant backdrop; there’s something about this game’s style that oozes pure joy. The game is set to hit PC and consoles in by the end of the year; With a slated release date of “Holiday 2020”.