Carrion – Behind the Screams shows us the laughter, tears and gore

Posted on August 1, 2020

The launch of reverse-horror Carrion has been hugely successful since it’s release last week, with over 200K copies sold, and many more playing through Xbox Game Pass.

The game has you playing as a terrifying monster, as you explore a facility killing pesky humans in a variety of brutal ways. To celebrate, Devolver and Phobia are taking us behind the gore and pixel carnage to show us that you can’t spell slaughter without laughter.

With their trademark cheeky sense of humor, Devolver takes us behind the scenes mockumentary style. The video gives us a backstory about how everyone’s favorite bag of meat and gore became the star of a hit videogame. Highlights include blob monster mocap, Boiling hot coffee, and Telenovelas.

Recently, we reviewed Carrion and said: “Carrion will easily prove to be hours of fun for the right audience: if you love horror and gore, the game is an easy recommendation, as you get to really BE a monster without restraint, painting rooms red and scaring the pants (and legs!) off everyone unfortunate enough to meet you…if you love the likes of Alien or the Thing, you’ll want to buy this day one.”

Carrion is available now on Xbox One, PC and Switch.