Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire 2 dives into life paths, tunes and weapons

Posted on August 13, 2020

CD Projekt Red’s Night City Wire: Episode 2 live stream took a deeper look at elements of their November release Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s everything that was revealed!

Life paths were discussed in detail and included footage of each. Players have three options to choose from when they start a new game. Street kid, Nomad or Corpo.

  • Street kid – You’ve grown up on the streets of Night City and, “You know the streets, you know the slang, you know the gangs.” The footage for this is super colourful, with techno beats providing a soundtrack whilst V fist bumps with gruff looking gangsters, enjoys shoots at a cyborg brothel and gets punched out. This life path looks like its strengths will be the knowledge of the streets and the character’s brawling abilities.
  • Nomad – Your character lives in the desserts surrounding Night City called “The Bad Lands.” They have chosen to live in these parts of the world, whilst others have to due to their inability to offered to live in Night City. The Bad Lands are made up of folk who are struggling and really feeling the impact on global warming and the numerous amounts of wars that have occurred throughout the years. It feels like a post-apocalyptic environment reminiscent of 2015’s Mad Max. Family is of the upmost important to Nomads and they have to venture into Night City to find a way to help their family who is “in tatters.” If you choose this life path, your first mission will be to find a way to get into Night City.
  • Corpo – You’ll play as a character who is a slave to big corporation. You work for a massive company called Arsaka Corporation and for a boss that is all about them dollar bills. Fancy clothes, fancy digs, fancy cars will all be at your fingertips but there’s a thick layer of corruption in the air. You’re selling your soul for the high life.

There will be additional dialogue options for each life path based on the scene and characters you interact with. For example, if you are interacting with a Corpo to acquire some black market merch, as a fellow Corpo you will have background info that will help you understand their way of thinking. As a Nomad you know a bit more about the black market and therefore, know about how they got their hands on the merch. Street kids probably won’t have any additional dialogue options in this scenario, but they will in other situations, such as dealing with drug dealers, street gangs and merchants.

There was a deeper look at the band Samurai which is fronted by Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand. The music is being supplied by legendary Swedish punk rock band, Refused. The interesting thing about CD Projekt Red picking Refused as their inspiration is they, like Samurai, have always been anti-establishment. Therefore, Samurai will be fighting against the Corpos through their music. There are three Samurai songs that can now be heard through streaming services – Chippin’ In, A Like Supreme and The Ballad of Buck Ravers.

Weapons were also showcased, with lots of footage on some of the different classes of weapons available. All up there are six different weapon types. Cyberware, melee weapons, smart weapons, power weapons, tech weapons and throwables.

  • Power Weapons showed a pump action buckshot. These weapons are pretty much your “traditional” guns.
  • Smart Weapons – These weapons “require a smart link to unlock the full potential of their targeting system” so these will be gear such as missile launches and sniper rifles. They will target enemies in real time.
  • Tech Weapons – Use elctro-magnetic power that can punch through walls and hit someone that wasn’t even aware of your presence.
  • Melee weapons – The ‘thermal katana’ was shown, which has a burning hot blade and the “purest essence of a Katana.”
  • Cyberware – There will be offensive and defensive cyberware. A few weapons that were shown were The ‘Mantis Blade’ “arm blades with lethality and concealment in mind.’ ‘Gorilla Arms’ “reliable replacement for natural limbs, improving both strength and endurance.” ‘Projectile Launch System’ “A missile launcher in the palm of your hand (more or less literally)”

Weapons can of course be purchased at vendors, but also by looting dead enemies and exploring cache boxes scattered around the open world. In Cyberpunk 2077, weapons range from – common, uncommon, rare, legendary.  There are two types of weapon mods – attachments (scopes, silencers) which you can physically see being attached to your weapon, but also software mods – small chips that you install in your weapon, which change its stats.

Cyberpunk 2077 Thermal Katana

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on November 19th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with next-gen versions set for release sometime in 2021. Night City Wire: Episode 3 will probably air some time in September and Checkpoint will bring you the latest info when it drops!