Griefhelm brings 2D tactical medieval dueling to Steam

Posted on August 22, 2020

Whether you want to cut through a story mode, tear it up with your friends, or just tear up your adversaries, Griefhelm has your tactical dueling needs covered. Promising “over 500 narrative responses” to keep the campaign mode fresh and interesting on replays, 2-player co-op compatibility, and 4-player couch multiplayer, this seems like a pretty robust entry in the tactical dueling sub-genre.

Griefhelm was a title that garnered quite a lot of interest in 2018 when it earned Best Action Game at DreamHack Atlanta and Indie of the Year from IndieDB. It’s made by Johnny Dale Lonack, a one-man developer – something that very often seems to impart an appealing precision of design philosophy.

Short and quick tactical dueling as a part of larger battles seems to be the main draw of the game, encouraging players to make smart use of parries, a wide weapon variety, as well as horses and flaming weapons to win each duel before moving onto the next foe. The game has a quite striking visual style and chaotic multiplayer battles. The ability to play through the entire campaign co-op is also a fairly rare perk and something that could be a big draw for those cooped up with their friends and family. It has a gritty tone that talks of a craving for conflict and the spilling of blood so this is definitely aimed at all the twitch-combat lovers out there, and the pace of the combat certainly goes along with that.

Griefhelm is out now on Steam for those who want to try their hand at this stylish dueling video game!