Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League debuts in zany fashion

Posted on August 23, 2020

This week we were blessed with the DC Fandome event. It gave us the reveal of the ever exciting Gotham Knights game from Warner Bros. Montreal. Also just as important, thanks to the event we finally have our first official look at what Rocksteady has been up to with none other than Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Yes, we admittedly still know very little about the game but seriously, can we talk about that trailer? It opens on Metropolis. All has gone to hell. The city is at war. A giant fortress in the shape of a skull looms over the city. Listening in on and mocking the voices on a military radio is none other than the charming Harley Quinn (whose design is quite stunning, if I’m frank). We then see some other familiar villain faces in Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark. The Suicide Squad is here.

Jumping into action, the team of four start taking on some alien foes all while an Outkast song plays. Seriously, it’s like they were trying to charm me with this trailer. No gameplay is shown here but hell, it’s still fun to see the villainous team do their thing. The squad then finds themselves on a rooftop again, with a helicopter blowing up right behind them. They turn, and see none other than Superman, crushing a military member like he’s nothing. The hero’s eyes glow purple. Something is very, very wrong.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is still quite far off, slated for release in 2022. Information thus far is fairly limited but as the game’s tagline suggest, this team will looking to obviously be killing Superman and friends. What we also know is that, as confirmed by Rocksteady, this game will take place in the same universe as their prior Arkham series. The game will also allow for single-players to swap between the members of the squad as they so like or alternatively, jump into co-op with up to four players.

With rumours of it taking a similar route to the game as a service delivery that the ever nearing Marvel’s Avengers has, some worries are to be had. For now, time will tell on this superhero and super-villain mashup.