Vader Immortal thrusts to a very near PSVR release date

Posted on August 7, 2020

Previously an Oculus-exclusive title, we now finally have word on when VR game Vader Immortal lands on to PSVR. The canonical Star Wars adventure hits the PlayStation VR platform in just a few short weeks, later this month.

Vader Immortal was an episodic venture in its time as an exclusive on the Oculus VR platforms. The first episode in particular sported quite a bit of promise, sitting at a modest 78 on Metacritic. Unfortunately, the later two episodes to follow dwindled quite a bit but still, its a fun enough and welcome adventure to the PSVR platform. In a pandemic, who needs to visit the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge wing of Disney World when you can enjoy a fun enough Star Wars VR game from home?

Vader Immortal

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, the working full title for this release, drops onto PlayStation via PlayStation VR on August 25th. It’s not the only Star Wars game seeing a release on the platform either. Star Wars: Squadrons, the new franchise starfighting game releases with PSVR support in October.¬†

Ready or not, fans of the Star Wars franchise that have their hands on PSVR will have quite their hands full this year with some sweet content.