Final Fantasy XVI revealed in PS5 Showcase stream

Posted on September 17, 2020

In a strong opener for the PS5 Showcase happening the morning of September 17th, Square Enix has, at last, revealed their main continuation for the Final Fantasy franchise. As you might imagine, it’s simply called Final Fantasy XVI. In a new trailer that shows off the new setting and story, we meet some of the main characters that will form our party. We can also see some awesome gameplay, which confirms that the game will be continuing the trend of real-time action combat.

The setting this time looks to be a more classic medieval time period, with wars, lords, and intrigue. But we also look like we’ll get our share of angsty anime boys and drama, not to mention Final Fantasy staples like summons and Chocobo. It seems to be telling the tale of a group readying for battle, one of their party reminiscing about the events that caused their situation. This party member, who is revealed to be the bodyguard of a young noble charge named Joshua, may be our main protagonist and hero of Final Fantasy XVI.

Disappointingly, it doesn’t look like there are any female party members, but there is still much to be revealed about this new title. There was no release window revealed for this new title, so it’s likely that it’s still a number of years away, and certainly not a launch title. Final Fantasy XVI will be a console exclusive on PS5.