Ghostrunner hacks and slashes its way onto PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year!

Posted on September 16, 2020

Ghostrunner, the cyberpunk action game from devs One More Level, 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks has received a release date. This first-person, fast-paced parkour game is set in the dystopian cyberpunk world of Dharma Tower where you play as a Ghostrunner, a peacekeeper whose aim is to put an end to the tyrannic rule of Mara the Keymaster. Your journey begins when you wake up with no memory of who you are and a mysterious AI, called Zoe, tells you all about Mara and that you must take her down.

The protagonist’s skills include the ability to wield a katana at lightning speed, specialised techniques and superhuman reflexes and reaction times that will help you survive the deadliest of attacks. You better be ready to bring your A-game as the game has a one-hit one-kill mechanic, which means that one hit will kill an enemy… but one strike will also down you!


The new gameplay trailer, also released today, shows the intensity of the combat and the vibrancy of the post-apocalyptic world of the game. The player starts at the very bottom of the city, but needs to make their way up to the highest tower where Mara resides. The city is structured like the society itself; the poorest people live down in the shallows, whilst the richest are found high above, looking down on those in the ghetto.

To get to the top of the tower, you will need to ward off swarms of enemies in both the real and cyber world. The main combat in the game seems to occur in rooms with enemies scattered around them. You use everything in your Ghostrunner’s arsenal, such as running up walls, grappling at points and of course, your weapons, to defeat those in your way to Mara. There are also multiple ways that you can debilitate your foes.

Ghostrunner will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 27th of October, 2020.