First look inside Super Nintendo World opening 4 February 2021

Posted on November 30, 2020

Up until now, Super Nintendo World has been sneakingly under construction with a very limited look inside what the real-life Mushroom Kingdom will be. Now, Universal Studios Japan has revealed Super Nintendo World will open 4 February 2021 and shown the big features of the upcoming theme park.

The almost too good to be real attraction is finally here and will feature a real recreation of Mario’s world, looking very similar to the universe of Super Mario 3D Land. The theme park will hold the world’s first interactive Mario Kart ride Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge, which will “immerse guests into the universe of Nintendo“. From what’s been shown, it looks to be a mix of a rollercoaster ride with visual AR elements, combining the traditional park experience with some modern twists. It may not be as close to home as other Mario Kart activities, but it’s certainly the most high-tech.

Super Nintendo World wouldn’t be complete without Bowser’s Castle. The park has a very regal staircase that leads up to a monstrous statue of the fire-breathing king himself. This will be connected to the all-new Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge ride, probably serving as a forecourt to the attraction.

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Japanese media have had the opportunity to go into the park and get a sneak preview of what’s to offer on opening. Within the Mario Kart ride, the various trophies we all know and love from each Grand Prix is sitting on a mantel in a beautiful presentation.

Yoshi’s Adventure is another attraction planned to open in the park from 4 February 2021. Players will search for Captain Toad on a treasure hunt, helping find three mysterious eggs and getting a great view of the entire Mushroom Kingdom in all its glory.

A rumoured Donkey Kong area is planned for construction. Unfortunately, there is no word on green pipes to skip lines.

From 4 February 2021, Super Nintendo World will open to the public. Tickets will be on sale very soon, so head over to Universal Studios Japan to find out how to trade in your gold coins for a pass.