Among Us is now available on Switch

Posted on December 16, 2020

The massively popular social deduction game Among Us is available to play right now on Nintendo Switch! This surprising but welcome announcement came at the end of yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, where many other games were featured for the console. It will be cross-platform alongside the mobile and PC versions of the game, meaning that you can game with your buddies no matter what console you’re playing on. As a nice bonus, the Nintendo Switch version is even a little bit cheaper than on PC.


In Among Us, you are placed in a spaceship alongside the other players and must all complete various tasks to win the game. But not all of the players have this goal – hidden among the players are one or more imposters, who are tasked with murdering all the innocent crewmates before they’re able to complete all the tasks. The crewmates win if they either complete all their tasks or uncover the identities of the imposters within the group. This style of game is seen in video games and tabletop games alike, such as in Town of Salem or the classic game of Warewolf. Despite releasing in 2019, Among Us has burst into popularity in 2020, even winning the Best Multiplayer Award at this year’s Game Awards.