Microsoft Flight Simulator set to get VR compatibility

Posted on December 1, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to get VR support later this year. The developers behind the flight simulator game, Asobo Studio, revealed details of the future VR updates in a recent online Q&A session on Twitch.

According to Sebastian Wloch, Martial Bossard and Jorg Neumann of Asobo Studio, the updates will make Microsoft Flight Simulator fully compatible with all major VR headsets, including Oculus and Valve. The relevant VR updates will be rolled out in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s December sim update and include VR compatibility upgrades for both gameplay and in-game menus.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR

Together with this news the Asobo developers also announced their plans for Flight Simulator World Update 3, which will see the team add more accurate terrain renditions for the United Kingdom, along with fifty to sixty new points of interest and extra airports. New landing missions for players will also be added.

The anticipated update is set to go live in-game on 26 January 2021. As for the rest of 2021, it seems like Asobo has plenty in store for Flight Simulator, including further updates to the United States region. If you’re interested to see what else is on the cards, check out the developers’ roadmap in Asobo’s recent livestream recording.