Super Nintendo World is now ready to open in Japan

Posted on February 4, 2021

Nintendo has no shortage of characters and nostalgia to pull from over the last 30+ years, so it is no surprise that they have decided to go down the route of opening up their very own Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios, which after a special preview day for some lucky visitors last week, will soon open to the public.

Super Nintendo World is located within Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, but fear not if you live elsewhere as the Universal Parks News Today YouTube account has been posting some pretty thrilling videos of what attendees can expect when visiting the theme park. Some of these videos are even filmed for a POV perspective, giving you a virtual first-hand look at the various rides and attractions within the theme park.

This is a perfect attraction for fans of Nintendo, and one that is somewhat of a surprise given the enormous financial investment it takes to create a park as intricate as this. All of the popular characters are represented here from Mario to Bowser, and even Yoshi and Toad. The videos provided on YouTube certainly gives the impression that this has been built for gamers and fans of Nintendo’s various franchises. The park even includes some virtual puzzles and games that can be accessed by using the wristband provided upon entry and a mobile app. This feature allows patrons to solve puzzles and be rewarded with digital keys to unlock unique attractions and other virtual collectibles, a nice touch to keep the gamer theme going strong.

Super Nintendo World also features a leaderboard for the competitive of us, providing a goal for visitors that earn the most points across the whole day and be cemented as a true fan. Of course, no theme park would be complete without themed food and drinks, which is here in force. I particularly like the Yoshi themed menu items, the Yakisoba calzone looks delicious.

Universal has also announced plans to bring the Super Nintendo World theme park to its other locations, namely Orlando and Singapore. So fingers crossed we eventually get something for Australia as well seeing as we are all grounded from international flights for the most part with the ongoing pandemic.