Aussie party game Metal Heads gears up for March 27 release

Posted on March 24, 2021

Chaotic multiplayer party game, Metal Heads, has set its sights on a March 27, 2021 release date onto Steam as an Early Access product. The game is one we’ve been keeping our eye on ever since we got to play it at PAX Australia 2019. With head-banging music and a Mario Party-style board game/minigame gameplay loop, Metal Heads feels ready to break out onto the scene and make the Australian game development industry proud!

Developed almost entirely by a single developer, Metal Heads feels like an ambitious product. Playable with up to 8 players and with both local and online multiplayer available as well as drop-in/drop-out functionality, Metal Heads is really going the extra mile. The game is said to have around 20 minigames upon its Early Access launch and as somebody who has already played many of those minigames, I can attest that they are really engaging and competitive, going much further than some of the basic minigames you’d find in a Mario Party.

Game developer Nathan Francis hopes to release Metal Heads as a complete “1.0” product sometime in 2021. Throughout its Early Access development, Nathan expects to add more minigames, more music, more board game maps, more character models, more polish as well as a character creator. Themed content updates are also planned and will help keep the game current and festive. Some extra goals such as a board game editor and level variations may depend on the success of the title post-release.

If you’re interested in checking out Metal Heads you can wishlist it on Steam or even try the game’s free demo! We can’t wait to get our hands on this one when it launches March 27th for PC.