Old person sandbox game ‘Just Die Already’ releasing soon

Posted on March 17, 2021

From the designer of the ludicrous Goat Simulator comes the next bizarre sandbox title ‘Just Die Already’. The game was recently announced and is said to feature old people surviving and shambling through a world that just wants them to die. Recently driven out of their retirement home, you’ll be able to play as the golden oldies who fight back against a society who wants to throw them away like old trash.

Releasing “soon” to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, Just Die Already is a satirical take on society’s desire to dispose of the old. It’s also a slapstick and ridiculous sandbox game that will have you flinging around the environment, likely breaking every bone in your wrinkly old body.

You can watch the latest trailer below. Content Warning: trailer may contain influencers.

Just Die Already follows in Goat Simulator’s hoofsteps. It’s a bonkers physics game with an open-world full of silly things to interact with and stupid ways for you to hurt yourself. Online multiplayer will be available for those who want to join up to 3 friends for cooperative shenanigans. A series of challenges will be available to complete but no doubt additional tomfoolery will be littered all about the game’s world.

You can keep up with the latest on the game over on their Twitter page. Are you planning to get into some geriatric adventuring?

Just Die Already key art