Welcome to Strixhaven! – New MTG spoilers

Posted on March 26, 2021

Dearest Friends,

I still can’t believe I have been accepted into Strixhaven College! I’ve only been dreaming of this day my whole life! I wonder what I will get to study and who I will meet. I have heard so many amazing things about the different campuses. Like did you know about the Biblioplex? They say it holds all of the spells that have ever been cast! Could you even begin to imagine the power that lays hidden within the walls?


I heard rumours from other students on the orientation tour that there were spells within that are extremely rare and powerful reserved only for the most worthy. They call it the Mystical Archive. Doesn’t that just sound amazing??


Our tour showed beautiful artworks showing off these spells too. Doesn’t the magic look so beautiful!

Speaking of the tour, our guides Rowan and Will Kenrith were super helpful! They’re these cool twin Planeswalkers, the first I’ve ever met. They came here a while ago to study from the plane of Eldraine, never heard of it myself but it sounds magical. They seem to be really popular here at Strixhaven as they’ve been studying here a while. I can’t wait to be as good as them one day.

Rowan and Will led us through a tour of the different campuses around Strixhaven. It was so great to go to see how different they all are. There are 5 campuses in total and each of them were founded by an Elder Dragon! It’s no wonder that spellcasters from all over the multiverse come here to study! I don’t know where I fit yet as I am still unsure of what I will study. They say you don’t have to choose in the first year, but I’m already making lists to see what I’d be most interested in. Here is my list of which each of them specialises. What do you think?


  • Driven by an obsession with ancient history, Velomachus Lorehold founded Lorehold.
  • Head of archeomancy and avid historians.
  • Can summon spirits and talk to the dead!



  • Galazeth Prismari wanted to demonstrate huge expressions of elemental magic so he founded Prismari.
  • Artistic and passionate mages that express themselves with huge explosive spells.
  • Very in tune with the elements.



  • Founded by Tanazir Quandrix because he believes numbers and math are the study of reality.
  • Numeromancy and mathematical geniuses that find the equations in nature.
  • Can create fractal creatures.



  • Shadrix Silverquill, the founder of Silverquill, believes in the power of the written word.
  • Slam poets and literary geniuses with a serious attitude.
  • Their words literally come to life as inklings.



  • Beledros Witherbloom founded this college, he argues that his magic is the most important.
  • Focus on the fundamental forces of life and death.
  • They channel the essence out of nature.


I’m not going to lie; the choice is going to be so hard when the time comes but I do feel inclined to go with Witherbloom. Between communing with nature and working with death I feel somewhere in my soul it is where I am meant to be. However, the Silverquill’s look so cool, and I DO love to perform. Time will tell! Until then I just have to study hard and learn as much as I can. There are so many lessons at Stixhaven I don’t know how to even start choosing them!


I guess the good thing is as a first-year I don’t have to choose a specific skillset as yet. Until then I am just going to study hard and get better at my magecraft just like all the amazing professors at the college.

Strixhaven Strixhaven Strixhaven

Oh, my goodness, I almost forgot to tell you about this most enchanting woman we met along the tour. She must be powerful; you could just tell by looking at her she is going to teach some kick-ass lessons. Professor Onyx I think it was? I wonder what campus she teaches at. Maybe that is why I am leaning towards Witherbloom or Silverquill. Will mentioned that she is super good at necromancy.

Strixhaven Strixhaven

I absolutely can’t wait for the first day of classes on 15th April! Until then I might see if I can preorder my booklists and make preparations. There are so many options it really is hard to choose. Thank you so much for all your support and for helping me get here. I am so very excited and can’t wait for you to visit me on campus soon so I can show you the wonderful world of Strixhaven.

Until next time!

The Eager Apprentice, MrsLlante

P.S. Strixhaven is released on MTG Arena (now on mobile) on the 15th of April whilst the tabletop prerelease will be available from the 16th of April. Support your local game store and preorder your booster packs or attend a prerelease event if it is safe.