Freeplay Festival returns to Melbourne in June

Posted on April 9, 2021

Freeplay Festival is once again returning this year as a celebration of independent games. It’s an annual event taking place in Melbourne, Australia and has racked up over 17 years of experience, solidifying itself as the world’s longest-running indie games festival.

Freeplay celebrates small, niche, experimental and alternative games with programs, awards, showcases and more. Last year the event went digital-only but this year it will return in all its glory with both digital and physical attractions. Freeplay Festival 2021 was announced via Twitter just recently and we’re already getting pretty excited by what this year’s event may bring.

Freeplay Festival 2021 will take place June 8-13. It will be freely accessible online with some free and paid physical events also happening in Melbourne including a “Night Market Party, physical games, live music gigs, and more”. This year’s Freeplay theme is “Soft Voices, Loud Roars”, highlighting how a single voice can be amplified through important messaging and community support.

Submissions for talks and games are still open for the event and you can apply or read more on their website. Keep an eye out for more announcements and the opening of ticket sales soon too!

Are you excited for Freeplay Festival 2021?