Resident Evil Village final demo period extended to a week

Posted on April 28, 2021

Two weeks ago, Capcom kicked off the ever-nearing Resident Evil Village by releasing a slate of demos. The first demo, titled Village, saw players delve into thirty minutes of gameplay around the surrounding castle grounds of the upcoming game. Following that, the weekend that has just passed had a Castle demo, seeing players explore the interior of the eerie castle. The only catch here was that both of these demos were only available for eight hours. Already quite problematic in its limited timeframe, this was a worse story when you consider the fact this means the demos fell between the hours of 3-11 AM on a Monday.

Capcom has heard gamers’ complaints and even cut the Aussie audience some slack. The last demo period, which gives you a full 60 minutes with both demos is no longer limited to eight hours. This will now last a full week, bringing the demo period up until (depending on your time zone) May 10. That’s even after Resident Evil Village launches in full. We’ve included the announcement tweet detailing the release times for the now multi-platform demo below.

While Australian dates for the final demo aren’t detailed, it’s likely to look similar to how the past two periods went. Considering this, the demo that will now be available on PS4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC starting from 3:00 AM AEST Monday the 3rd of May. It’ll then end a week later at 3 AM on the 10th of May. If this at all changes, we’ll be sure to bring you the update.

Resident Evil Village is just days away. Horror fans are tense with anticipation. Resident Evil Village arrives on May 7th to the PlayStation and Xbox family of consoles, along with Stadia and PC. We’ll see you there.