Wave Break, the worlds first ‘skateboating’ title, is on the way

Posted on May 30, 2021

Funktonic Labs have announced that Wave Break – their neon-soaked 80’s inspired skateboarding/skateBOATING game – will be released June 11 on Steam and Switch. The developers say that Wave Break captures the feel of classic arcade skating games but adds a pinch of the online shooter genre. It is set to feature both a single-player campaign and also online play.

Wave Break is being touted as the world’s first ‘skateboating’ game where players can grind, grab, kickflip and shoot their way through an explosive 80s crime-filled Miami Vice themed world. But what on earth is Skateboating? The trailer sheds some light on what we can expect from this intriguing title.

Wave Break features an episodic single player campaign with the usual high score challenges, trick challenges and more, all tied together with a story involving guns, kick flips and blood money. There is also an online leaderboard as well as free play, death match and custom game modes. It also features a park creator so you can create and edit your own skateboating park and loads of customisation options for your character.

For those that just cannot wait until release day, there is also a Steam open beta running from now until release.

Wave Break

So, fans of arcade skateboarding titles should keep an eye out for Wave Break when it releases on Steam and Switch June 11.