Encased is a promising looking sci-fi isometric RPG

Posted on June 11, 2021

Announced at Koch Media’s E3 centric showcase, Koch Primetime, Encased is looking to be a hell of an upcoming RPG. Set in an alternate version of the year 1976, the future is here. Expect to be exploring an arid desert wasteland and using some curious futuristic technology in this isometric RPG.

Players will find themselves within a vast but inexplicable artefact, The Dome. While living creatures can enter The Dome, once they’re in they’re in. Only inanimate and non-organic matter will be able to exit. Good luck!

As typical detailed isometric RPGs go, you’ll be able to choose from a different starting class, in this case, called disciplines. Science, engineering, security, management or convict are those very disciplines and will affect stats, dialogue choices and more within Encased.

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Enter The Dome and a cataclysmic event will occur in the tutorial moments. Time will tell just how the adventure unfolds.

Encased is being developed by Dark Crystal Games, with publishing from Koch Media’s new label, Prime Matter. It’s scheduled for release sometime this Spring, on PC via Steam, Epic and GOG.

In the meantime, players can jump into the Early Access period on Steam, which provides gameplay of all of the first act and a portion of the second. Get keen, RPG fans.