Rocksmith+ is a subscription-based app used to teach guitar

Posted on June 13, 2021

Announced fresh from the 2021 Ubiforward, Rocksmith is returning and it’s coming courtesy of a subscription-based service. Celebrating 10 years as a franchise, Rocksmith is once again teaming up with guitar manufacturing company Gibson, teaching budding musicians how to play the guitar. Welcome to Rocksmith+

It’s not just Gibson guitars you can learn to play with either. Various Kramer and Epiphone guitar models can also be used. Real-time feedback is at the heart of Rocksmith+. A device can be attached to your guitar allows for syncing up to your PC, tracking note detection so that you’re aware of your performance is present.

A riff repeater allows for controlling song speeds so that you can learn and play at your own pace throughout the expansive library of songs. No price listing was yet revealed for Rocksmith+ though a PC closed beta was announced. You can register here now.

Rocksmith+ and its subscription will cost Australians $24.95 AUD for 1-month, $59.95 AUD for 3-months, and $149.95 AUD for a 12-month subscription.

This is one of many announcements to come out of the 2021 Ubiforward, so stay tuned for more Ubisoft news.