Tell Me Why is free throughout all of Pride Month

Posted on June 2, 2021

Pride Month has just kicked off and what better way to celebrate than to get yourself an awesome, queer, and free video game? DONTNOD have put their 2020 narrative adventure game up for free so that players can experience and appreciate the inclusive narrative.

Tell Me Why tells the story of trans man Tyler returning to his hometown to see his sister and unravel the mystery surrounding his mother that started when he and his sibling were just kids. In our review, we praised Tell Me Why’s narrative and representation. “Tyler feels like such a revolution, such a breath of fresh air; His character doesn’t play into any of the tropes or clichés that plague trans characters. He is trans representation done well.”

Tyler, the trans portagonist from DONTNOD's Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is available for download all throughout June, also known as Pride Month. It’s so amazing to see so much backing for this month of awareness-raising, celebrations and inclusivity. The game is also totally worth experiencing for anybody yet to play it. It’s broken down into 3 chapters, all of which will be free until the end of June.

You can read the official announcement from the game’s website where the team encourages its players to donate and support worthy LGBTQIA+ causes. For those who want to download the game you can find it on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. Happy queer gaming!