Upcoming Among Us content includes a new map and new player roles

Posted on June 11, 2021

Innersloth don’t seem to be slowing down development for their breakout indie hit with new content being announced this morning during the Summer Games Fest stream. Following the Airship update, the next content drop includes a huge swath of highly demanded and community-driven content. A roadmap has been released with plans including a fifth map, new player roles and official implementation of the community-adopted Hide ‘n’ Seek game mode.

Check out the trailer below to see all the new content planned for the game.

The next update for Among Us seems to include the release of new colours as well as 15-player support. This is an exciting update because The Airship map, whilst very cool, always seemed a bit too large for the current 10-player limit. It will also introduce a whole new layer of strategy as players try to keep track of 14 others. Count me excited!

As for the new roles, we got a sneak peek at the “Sheriff” and “Scientist” roles. Whilst we haven’t specifically seen what this means, if it’s anything like the mods players have made, then the Sheriff will likely be an innocent role that can kill Imposters, which is pretty darn cool! Expect more visor cosmetics too and you’ve got a pretty decent roadmap ahead. What are you most excited for with Among Us?