Wizard with a Gun – Wizards meet the wild, wild west

Posted on June 13, 2021

Wizard with a Gun, a multiplayer survival sandbox adventure, was announced at the Devolver Digital Showcase 2021 by devs Galvanic Games this morning. The game sees players exploring a co-op world were they can craft, collect and select clothes for their wizard against a wild wild west backdrop. You can also furnish your tower home where you can also mix spells and customise your wizard’s armour.

The game’s environment consists of deserts, swaps, tundra and prairies all set within a world that is “fractured.” You can explore these terrains with up to four other wizards or in single player mode.

Wizard with a gun will be released sometime in 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Checkpoint Gaming will keep you in the loop with any new news on this title and many more, so make sure to keep an eye on our website and socials for all the gaming goss!