Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension makes a shock return!

Posted on August 8, 2021

Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension is making a shock return after almost 30 years. Zool Redimensioned is a rebuilt version of the classic 1992 Amiga action-platformer and is set to launch at some point this month on Steam! It has been crafted from scratch by Sumo Digital Academy and is set to feature new secrets, challenges and extras as well as some quality of life updates.

Back in the day, Zool was touted as Amiga’s answer to Sonic The Hedgehog and in fact, to this day some fans of the game would claim it was the superior title. It was ported across all the consoles of the day, the SNES version was particularly patchy but the Mega Drive version was actually really solid and easily the best version of Zool in my opinion. Luckily then, the full Mega Drive version is included for a truly authentic experience.

Zool was always a fairly tricky and fast-paced game, controlling Zool could be a bit of a challenge at times. From the trailer, it looks like it has been zoomed out a bit making more of the playing field available and Zool a little bit smaller, which should make the game a little less frantic to play. It looks to me like the graphics are based on the Mega Drive version rather than the Amiga, which is fine because it was the better looking (and playing) port.

The other side is that the original on Amiga did not feature background music whilst playing the stages, whereas the console ports did. Hopefully, they also make that little tweak to the title if it is based on the Amiga version. Zool is just one of many 90s platform characters that feel forgotten by time, so I think it’s great that there is passion enough out there about this character to bring them back, even if it’s a remaster rather than a new game.


Zool Redimensioned is due for release on Steam sometime this month, although there is no specific date announced other than August 2021. If you are interested, there’s still time to add it to your wish list.