Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches in 2022

Posted on September 24, 2021

Fresh from a new Nintendo Direct, we were absolutely spoiled with announcements. One particularly exciting announcement is the fact that the Kirby franchise is getting a new 3D entry. Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches in 2022. Get keen for the return of the great pink blob.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land looks to be unlike any series entry prior. While not being the first 3D game for our hero as a whole (racers, sports and puzzle spin-offs are aplenty in the franchise), it is the first entirely 3D platformer. What a vivid look we got too. Kirby washes up upon an island seemingly forgotten by time. While the shores are ridden with local fauna, there’s still scarce sights of a friend or remaining community. What we have when we delve further in is rusted over cars, empty roads and buildings overgrown with shrubbery. It’s a hell of a unique setting for the franchise.

On offer will be the typical abilities you see in a Kirby game. Players can inhale different foes around the world and absorb their powers, be it sword-swinging, fire breathing or bamboo-throwing. Expect this to be used both as means of combat and solving puzzles.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land currently has a release window of Spring 2022 (Autumn for us Aussies). It’s the first series release since Kirby Fighters 2 last year. Are you keen on Kirby’s first fully 3D platforming affair?