Nintendo Switch update finally adds support for Bluetooth audio devices

Posted on September 16, 2021

Four years after the console’s debut, Nintendo has finally added support for Bluetooth headphones for the Nintendo Switch. Once version 13.0.0. has been downloaded, players can connect their Bluetooth headphones to their Switch in handheld or docked mode. In classic Nintendo fashion, however, this support comes with some limitations.

The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now available, including the ability to pair Bluetooth devices for audio output,writes Nintendo of America on Twitter. While a Bluetooth audio device is connected, only up to two wireless controllers can be connected. Bluetooth audio also cannot be used during local communication, such as when playing a local wireless multiplayer game. Furthermore, while Bluetooth headphones can be used, Bluetooth microphones cannot. Up to ten Bluetooth devices can be saved at once. 

In addition, Ver. 13.0.0. brings a update for the Nintendo Switch Dock. Following the update, the option to maintain internet connection in Sleep Mode can be found in the Settings menu. This option is enabled by default, and can now be disabled, which will make the Switch only connect to the internet periodically while in Sleep Mode. Disabling internet connection in Sleep Mode can reduce battery consumption. The method to initiate control stick calibration has been adjusted as well.

Not unlike Nintendo’s foray into cloud saves for the Nintendo Switch, the many drawbacks can seem quite arbitrary. However, while these limitations can be annoying, it’s better late than never. It is a good improvement for the system nonetheless that many players will get a lot of use out of. More information about how to connect Bluetooth devices to your Nintendo Switch console can be found on the official Customer Support site.