Tchia is a cute, open-world adventure set in New Caledonia

Posted on September 10, 2021

Announced during the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, Tchia is an all-new tropical adventure set in New Caledonia. It looks bright, colourful, and cute and we can’t wait to try it.

Tchia is all about exploration. You can climb on surfaces, glide across the map, or find a nice spot and strum a chord on your guitar. Tchia is the name of the main character, who has Soul Jumping powers. She can take control of physical objects and animals in the world, offering unique controls and special abilities to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of this beautiful land.

The game is set and focuses on the developer’s home. Awaceb is a humble studio, found by Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura, who have a sincere passion for the culture and environment of New Caledonia.

Awaceb wants to represent the archipelago the best it can. They are involving voice talent from the large group of islands, using traditional language and music throughout the adventure. Phil Crifo explains their aim is to show their culture in a way that everyone will enjoy.

Tchia playing guitar

“The approach we are taking with Tchia is first and foremost to build something anyone can understand, enjoy, and immerse themselves into. Making something too instructional or aimed directly at locals would completely defeat the purpose for us, which is why the world, story and characters we are creating are entirely fictional. This also allows us to include some fantastical elements in the mix and build a very unique world where the cultural inspiration isn’t a constraint, but rather an incredibly rich and solid backbone for the game.”

As of now, the game is still in development, but we’re happy to finally see a game from a culture we might’ve not seen before. For more PlayStation and cute gaming news, stay up to date with our website and socials.