The Jackbox Party Pack 8 detailed in first official trailer

Posted on September 7, 2021

After some tantalising teasing from development studio Jackbox Games, we’ve finally got a proper taste of what’s coming next with the first official reveal trailer for The Jackbox Party Pack 8. The Jackbox games are always exceptionally silly and fun party games that you play alongside even the most novice of gamer, providing entertainment and shenanigans for you and your group of friends. It’s always enticing to see what the new games will be in the upcoming Party Pack, and that’s exactly what the trailer outlines for us!

Check it out below.

Drawful Animate: (3 -10 players) – It’s alive! The guessing game with terrible drawings and hilariously wrong answers makes a dynamic return. In this revamped title, players create looping, two-frame animations based on weird and random titles.

Job Job: (3-10 players) – Use other people’s words to create unique and funny answers to classic job interview questions. Go head to head to see who scores the job!

The Poll Mine: (2-10 players) A survey game that’s all about YOU! Split into teams and see who can escape from the witch’s lair! Players individually rank their choices to a difficult question, then must guess how the group answered as a whole. How well do you know your friends?!

The Wheel of Enormous Proportions: (4-8 players) – Trivia has never been so large! A fantastic, mystical wheel challenges you with a variety of trivia prompts. Winners are awarded slices of the Wheel’s face with a chance to win big with each nail-biting spin. In the end, one player will have their most burning question answered by the great Wheel.

Weapons Drawn: (4-8 players) – A social deduction game where everyone is both a murderer and a detective. Players doodle all the clues, hiding a letter from their name in the weapon drawings. Can you solve murders while trying to get away with your own?

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A bunch of new games and one reinvention of an artistic classic, The Jackbox Party Pack 8 looks rather interesting! Similarly to the previous games, Party Pack 8 uses your phones, tablets, laptops or PCs as a controller making it super accessible and easy to jump into. You can also go beyond the player limits with an audience watching and often participating alongside the players too.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 is said to launch in Fall (Northern Hemisphere) which is Spring for us folk down under. You can read more about The Jackbox Party Pack 8 on the official website.