1 million trees have been planted thanks to Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Posted on December 8, 2021

Launching late last year and a game we described as “able to instil a real connection to both the setting and characters”, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure has recently celebrated a fantastic milestone. Developer ustwo games made a post to the Steam boards after the team reached their goal of planting 1 million trees, with one tree planted for every person who played the game. Alba is a game with a close connection to nature, and to see that connection blossom in such a literal way is incredibly heartening and a massive achievement for a small development team.

“It’s been one whole year since we launched our most nature loving title, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. With the support of our players and communities, we made a promise to plant a tree for every copy of the game that landed in the hands of our players. One year on, we are super excited to announce that today – together! – we have reached our goal of planting 1 Million Trees in Alba’s Forest. Planting 1 Million trees in the world, to help restore natural habitats and absorb carbon from the atmosphere – that is a HUGE achievement!”

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure gif celebrating one million trees planted

The tree planting was done in partnership between ustwo games and climate activist group Ecologi. It’s also a showcase for the success of Alba, which thanks to its involvement in Apple Arcade alongside its PC and console sales, has clearly reached a significant amount of nature-loving players. Now that the team have reached their goal, they don’t plan to stop. In fact, the team will continue their partnership with Ecologi with plants continuing to be planted for every player who downloads or buys the game. It’s not often you see such a positive impact made by a game development company and we can’t wait to see that number of planted trees continue to rise.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is available across iOS, PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Head to their website to check out the game and jump in to help grow trees and help fight back against the current climate crisis.