Grab your gaslamp – Nightingale is the new Victorian survival game

Posted on December 11, 2021

Nightingale is a shared world survival-crafting game from ex-Bioware developers at Inflexion Games. Grab your pickaxe, grab your gaslamp, and grab your tesla machines because this new adventure looks shocking.

The reveal trailer from The Game Awards 2021 shows in-engine footage of the mysterious myriad of beautiful and increasingly dangerous worlds. In the video, we see a player character roam throughout the world, trying to survive harsh and odd encounters.

Nightingale is an open-world solo and online multiplayer game. The world is shared, meaning you can come across new players and group together to face the challenges of the realms. Dark magic threatens humanity in these worlds, spawning nightmarish creatures of the eery Fae.

As a survival game, you’ll need to build and craft to stay alive. In Nightingale, you can construct estates, farms, and communities to live off the land and craft the tools, gear, and weapons you need to survive.

Screenshot from the TGA Nightingale reveal trailer of a monstrous creature with its mouth wide open and snarling at a survivor

Inflexion Games is working hard to get Nightingale out in Early Access in 2022. The game will be exclusive to PC. More information is coming in the next few months.

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