Atomic Heart to finally launch toward the end of 2022

Posted on February 10, 2022

After its announcement trailer went viral back in 2018, gamers have been curious about the stunningly detailed world of Atomic Heart. This graphically impressive, Soviet Union action RPG has looked damned impressive each and every time we got to see it, with Nvidia even utilising the game as a showpiece for their RTX technology back when ray-tracing was more of a concept rather than a reality.

Atomic Heart looked a bit too good to be true for some, with inflated development times causing concern. Thankfully, we finally have an actual release window alongside a new gameplay trailer. Atomic Heart is set to launch this year, with a cryptic set of digits at the end hinting towards a September, October, November, or December release. Check out the new trailer below.

The horrific world of Atomic Heart looks as good as it ever has, with some obvious Bioshock influences mixed with a really engaging and unique setting. The combat looks fast and intense, the game looks properly scary at points, and the voice acting and lip-dubbing… may be a little on the rough side. Thankfully the game can also be played with the native Russian language as seen in this trailer, which, assuming the English subtitles are up to scratch, looks to be the best way to experience the title.

In a new Q&A with IGN, developer Mundfish explained that the audience’s positive reception to the game’s trailers “motivated us to give it all to this project”, possibly inflating development time beyond the original plan. They also mention they’re “targeting Dynamic 4k for current-gen [consoles]”, and that they’re “working on implementing ray-tracing on as many platforms as possible.” We can only hope the game plays as good as it looks when it launches later this year.

Atomic Heart is expected to release across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S toward the end of 2022.