Bloodborne PSX demake sees pixelated visit to Yharnam

Posted on February 1, 2022

For a long time now players have been requesting a remaster or 60FPS update or even a sequel to FromSoftware’s beloved Bloodborne. Just any crumb of news. While that is still yet to come, fans of the Eldritch Victorian action RPG can experience the game in a new way. Bloodborne PSX is a new means of exploring Yharnam, all highlighted in a pixelated, original PSX art style. This is a demake game that people can play now. Better yet, it’s entirely free.

Bloodborne PSX, as developed by Lilith Walther, may only feature the Yharnam section of the original game, but is by no means unambitious. Throughout the 13-month development process, Walther was posting updates on her Twitter, including the recreating of certain bosses, environments and animations. Included is a reworked soundtrack with a heavy synth to match that typical soundtrack you’d find on original Playstation games features and even intensive weapons such as the flame sprayer will tank your in-game framerate. Of course, for player comfort, this is entirely optional.

From that deep level of care to small tidbits such as a list of cheat codes you can enter, including the ability to play in Big Head Mode, all is performed to create such a vivid, 90’s era experience. Walther themselves clearly has spared no expense.

Demakes of beloved games have certainly been a growing trend in recent years. Death Stranding is just one of the other examples to see this treatment. These titles, much like Lilith’s Bloodborne PSX, emphasise that they are in no way affiliated with the original development team or creator. It’s important they do so too. In the world of DMCA takedowns and cease and desists, who knows how long these things stay up online.

Bloodborne PSX is available now and can be found on Walther’s page. With it comes support to play with a keyboard and mouse or PlayStation gamepad.