Nintendo Switch Sports announced, a successor to Wii Sports

Posted on February 10, 2022

An unexpected announcement of today’s Nintendo Direct, but a joyous one nonetheless – Nintendo Switch Sports was revealed, a successor to the very popular Wii Sports that sold through the roof (because it was included with every Nintendo Wii, but still, who didn’t love playing Wii Sports?).

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to feature six sports that can be played using Joy-Con controllers, including three previously-loved games from the franchise (remember Wii Sports Resort, right?) in Tennis, Bowling and Chambara (Swordplay), plus three new sports which includes Football (Soccer), Volleyball and Badminton. Check it out.

Much like Wii Sports, players will need to use Joy-Con controllers to mimic real-world actions that translate into in-game movements. And if you’re wondering how Soccer would work, it will also include a special Joy-Con Leg Strap accessory which is included in the physical version of the game, so that you can kick the ball in a Football Shoot-Out. Additionally, a seventh sport will be added via a free update later in the year… Golf!

Nintendo Switch Sports wasn’t the game we wanted from a Nintendo Direct announcement… but perhaps it’s the game we need. Sports mini-game fans rejoice! There will also be an online play test available for Nintendo Switch Online members on February 19-20, so you can give it a crack for yourself.

Nintendo Switch Sports will be releasing on April 29th for Nintendo Switch (if the console name in the title wasn’t obvious).