Tentacular lets players play a wacky waving squid in VR

Posted on February 12, 2022

After a week’s worth of teases on Devolver’s Twitter account, the acclaimed publisher is ready to announce the next game they’re putting out into the world. Tentacular is a VR game developed by Firepunchd. Its premise? Control a monolithic octopus, aiding a seaside town’s completion of tasks with your unwieldy appendages, of course.

Tentacular is set on the ‘bustling and eccentric’ island of La Kalma. Players control our large sea creature friend from the ocean, overlooking this town. Street musicians harnessing accordions are situated by the fountains. Lanes of traffic contain cars and buses zipping about. All the structures, be it shops or holiday homes are vibrant in colour… The vibes definitely look promising.

In your journey helping the town, you’ll take part in a court case, help out a team at a construction site, wield a slingshot and investigate a strange and powerful energy source found on La Kalma. While all this occurs, gloriously silly physics play a heavy role. Think a mash between the ideas that Octodad: Dadliest Catch provided and games like Sim City, letting you play God to civilisation. That’s what Tentacular looks to be.

Tentacular GIF

Tentacular releases sometime in 2022 for Steam VR and Oculus. Keep your eyes on this one if you love a bit of hectic fun with your VR games.