PAX Aus returns as a physical event this year

Posted on March 8, 2022

Announced today is the return of PAX Australia after a 2-year COVID hiatus. The massive gaming event is returning in physical form at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, running from October 7th-9th.

It’s a pretty exciting announcement for PAX fans, as the convention has attracted video gamers and board gamers in droves since its first showing back in 2013. There’s a great sense of community at PAX, with game demos and expert talks proving to be just two of the absolute highlights on offer.

Back in 2020, PAX Australia was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 2021’s convention delayed until the next year. For those of us who loved to attend yearly, the loss of PAX was pretty devastating, even if it was totally understandable and the right decision to make. Luckily we’ll be able to attend again this year, assuming nothing happens between now and October. For more information about PAX Aus 2022, you can head to the official website.