Steam launches new game bundle to support Ukrainian relief

Posted on March 16, 2022

Steam has launched a new game bundle of Ukrainian indie games in an effort to raise money in support of Ukraine. The “Ukrainian Indie Games Bundle” collects 11 games from 11 Ukrainian developers, saying the “money from the sale will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces, relatives and friends of the developers in these difficult times.”

The bundle itself can be found here with a 50% off discount hopefully helping to incentivise some purchases and getting some funds raised for a country that desperately needs global support from an invading threat.

"Ukrainian Indie Games Bundle" printed on the Ukrainian flag colours

It’s great to see Steam launch this new bundle, but it’s actually not the only one they currently have active. The “Help Ukraine Bundle” is another collection of indie games being sold at half price, with that bundle raising money for a related cause. “All of the proceeds gathered through this initiative will be donated to The Palyanytsia Coordination Centre – an Ukrainian Charitable Humanitarian Foundation from the Lviv region, Ukraine, that helps refugees and war victims.”

For those who want to check out that bundle, simply head here.

Steam’s not the only platform currently raising money to support a country under attack. has its own game bundle and it’s absolutely huge. The “Bundle for Ukraine” has raised over US $5.5 million with almost 1000 games being sold for $10 minimum. Some phenomenal indie titles are included in that bundle and it’s something everybody should check out if they haven’t already.

Both Humble Games and Fanatical are also working on their own game bundles to help raise money for Ukraine. Neither has launched yet, but keep an eye open for even more opportunities to buy games for a good cause.

It’s so amazing to see such a global effort to help provide assistance and relief to the atrocities we’re seeing overseas. Even the games industry is doing its part with many companies ceasing sales in Russia. We hope peace is found soon, but in the meantime, assisting in any efforts to raise money can go a long way.