Rogue Legacy 2 gets its full release this month

Posted on April 9, 2022

Developer Cellar Door Games have announced that their sidescrolling action Roguelike, Rogue Legacy 2, will be released out of Early Access on April 28. The announcement comes alongside a new animated trailer and the news that the game will be hitting Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms alongside its PC release.

Check out the new trailer below.

Alongside the announcement of the game’s full release comes the news that the original Rogue Legacy will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until April 14. A perfect opportunity to check out the original and get yourself hyped for its sequel!

Back in August of 2020, we got an opportunity to check out Rogue Legacy in its Early Access state. Back then, we said Rogue Legacy 2 was “on track to becoming a faithful sequel”. In the game, players explore a castle as you platform and slay your way through procedurally generated rooms. Puzzles and challenge rooms break up the action as you manoeuvre your way through a punishing labyrinth of clanging swords and swinging environmental hazards. Death is inevitable as your legacy continues with special traits carrying over into your next hero and permanent unlocks slowly making you stronger and stronger with each run.

We can’t wait to check out Rogue Legacy 2 when it releases onto PC and Xbox on April 28.