SteelSeries unveils “the future of gaming audio” with Arctis Nova Pro series

Posted on May 24, 2022

SteelSeries, known very fondly for their line of premium gaming peripherals, have revealed their new line of headsets; the Arctis Nova Pro series.

The new series promises “a new level of excellence for high fidelity audio, AI-powered voice clarity, and all-day comfort with sleek Danish design aesthetics that seamlessly transfers between an array of gaming platforms like never before.” A real focus of the new series is the way it seamlessly connects to multiple devices at once, making for a smooth experience no matter where you’re gaming (or working, or even taking a call).

To power the new Arctis Nova franchise, SteelSeries has also developed the Sonar Audio Software Suite, which introduces the world to the first pro-grade parametric EQ for gamers. “Specifically designed to turbocharge any headset for gaming and provide a limitless ability to control sound across games, team chat, and the microphone, Sonar allows gamers to adjust every individual frequency and hear the sounds that matter the most.” continues the media release.

Other features of the premium wireless model include:

  • Infinity Power System – Gaming, unchained. The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset provides unlimited battery life and always keeps players in the action with a dual-battery system. Gamers can charge the second battery while the first battery is in play.
  • Simultaneous Game & Mobile Audio – Play and communicate all ways with Quantum 2.0 Wireless. Gamers can mix two audio connections at the same time, engaging with friends over the phone while gaming on a PC or console. The powerful 2.4GHz wireless is perfect for earning that in-game hot streak while using Bluetooth for calls, Discord, music, or podcasts.
  • Active Noise Cancellation – Completely transport to another world like never before as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for gaming tunes out unnecessary distractions. The advanced 4-mic hybrid system removes outside sounds, while mics inside the earcups balance the audio for optimal clarity. For taking in surroundings, Transparency Mode is just a button press away with adjustable hear-through levels to suit each situation.
  • Wireless Base Station – Total control at the player’s fingertips. The Wireless Base Station acts as a command center across platforms and features adjustments for EQ, input device, volume, ChatMix, and much more on the fly, while never having to leave the game. The device remembers personal settings and a multi-function OLED display keeps users informed of battery life and other functions

“There are defining moments in every industry, and this is one of those landmark days,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “Today we usher in a new era of gaming audio with the launch of the Arctis Nova Pro series and the Sonar Audio Software Suite. We are truly excited to empower gamers, provide them with a competitive edge, and have them experience pure Hi-Fidelity acoustics in gaming.”

There are four new headsets available, each offering different levels of connectivity across platforms; the cream of the crop is absolutely the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, but it will certainly set you back, costing almost as much as a PS5 or Xbox Series X console. Still, from what we’ve heard (literally), the difference in quality between this new series compared to headsets on the cheaper end of the scale may make it more than worthwhile.

  • Arctis Nova Pro – AU $499 | NZ $599.99

  • Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox) – AU $499 | NZ $599.99

  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) – AU $649 | NZ $799.99

  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (PlayStation) – AU $649 | NZ $799.99

While certainly not cheap, if you’re looking to give yourself the most premium gaming experience possible, these certainly seem to be a great option. We’re lucky enough to have our hands (ears?) on the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless already, and will give our full thoughts in the coming days. In the meantime, head to SteelSeries to find out more.