Blanc, a tale about a stranded wolf cub and a fawn, announced

Posted on June 29, 2022

In Nintendo’s newest Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, they announced a cute little game called Blanc. Developed by Casus Ludi, a French studio, and published by Gearbox Publishing, the game is an artistic local or online co-operative adventure with a hand drawn art style.

Blanc follows the journey of a stranded wolf cub and a fawn as they overcome their differences and find their family. You’ll have to solve puzzles and cooperate together to finish your goals, but both characters will have strengths that can help them navigate through the wilderness. The game’s journey will be emotional, so get out those tissues, but, the art style will blow you away. In addition, Blanc uses two buttons and movements, this is helpful for players of any age.

Casus Ludi’s founder and game designer, Florent De Grissac, said that creating games is a way to “foster conversation and understanding on topics and concepts with a social dimension”. Moreover, Blanc is a “passion project” for the team, and it’s also their first video game title. With that, they hope to create a “meaningful experience without antagonism … for everyone to enjoy no matter their skill level”. This is fantastic news for players who might not have the same accessibility as other gamers. As well as being great to play with non-gaming friends and family. President of Gearbox Publishing, Steve Gibson, spoke about working with Casus Ludi, and mentioned that it’s been “an honor to partner” with them and that their “vision is distinct and heartfelt”.

An image of the game Blanc, where the fawn and the wolf cub are walking in a forest

Blanc is a text-less game, and will have a lot of environmental storytelling. Blanc is available to wishlist on the Switch, Steam or Epic Games Store with a release month of February 2023.

Yo can read up on the cozy heartwarming story at their official website.